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18 januari 2018

The PhD project is in the general field of computational materials design for energy applications. The project will be carried out under the supervision of Dr. Süleyman Er, and will involve intensive collaborations with researchers from the Netherlands and the US.

Job description
Responsibilities and tasks: The main focus of the project is to use suitable computational tools (e.g. quantum chemistry calculations and machine learning) for the prediction of new energy materials. The candidates will:
- acquire a broad knowledge of solar energy conversion and energy storage materials;
- learn state-of-the-art computational methods;
- develop new theoretical methods in a form suitable for numerical implementation and
- apply those methods in the relevant problem areas.

The PhD project will be carried out at DIFFER, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and involves frequent contacts with our (inter)national collaborators.

Job requirements
We are looking for computationally skilled, hardworking, and focused colleagues with a background in Computational (Physics/Chemistry/Materials Science), Computer Science, Data Science or equivalent. The applicant should have a Master degree (or an equivalent diploma giving access to doctoral studies) in physical sciences or engineering. Candidates with strong programing skills and experience with electronic structure calculations, high-performance computing, machine-learning methods or big data analytics will be preferred. Good verbal and written communication skills in English are mandatory.

Conditions of employment
When fulfilling a PhD position at the FOM Foundation, you will get the status of junior scientist. 
You will have an employee status and can participate in all the employee benefits FOM offers. You will get a contract for four years. Your salary will be up to a maximum of 2,834 euro gross per month.The salary is supplemented with a holiday allowance of 8 percent and an end-of-year bonus of 8.33 percent. 
You are supposed to have a thesis finished at the end of your four year term with FOM. 
A training programme is part of the agreement. You and your supervisor will make up a plan for the additional education and supervising that you specifically need. This plan also defines which teaching activities you will be responsible (up to a maximum of ten percent of your time). The conditions of employment of the FOM Foundation are laid down in the Collective Labour Agreement for Research Centres (Cao-Onderzoekinstellingen), more exclusive information is available at this website under Personeelsinformatie (in Dutch) or under Personnel (in English).
General information about working at FOM can be found in the English part of this website under Personnel. The 'FOM job interview code' applies to this position.

Further information on the vacancy is available through to Dr. Süleyman Er.

Application procedure
In case you are interested you can apply by submitting an application letter, a grade list and full resume. Please refer to vacancy 16.017. The letter of application and other documents may be sent electronically as single PDF files, to or DIFFER, P&O department, PO Box 6336, 5600 HH  Eindhoven.